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Welcome to Vani Kabir Studio,
an online spiritual store for all your spiritual needs,
ranging from S.C.E.L.O. aligned crystals, home products, Feng Shui, elixirs, oil, journals and various metaphysical supplies.

We lovingly send this all your way.

‘’My single purpose in life is to HEAL, to let people know that they are special, that what they experience is true, that their heartbreaks are spiritual awakenings and that unless you heal you can’t ascend…’’

‘Within each of us is the feeling that we have been born on earth temporarily, that we have some unique place to fill in the universe, that there is a brief moment in which to live and then to die.  But somewhere inside of me there has always been the knowledge that I am connected to a greater life than mine and from which I will never be entirely separated’.

Born with a caul over her head, Master Vani Kabir exhibited the signs of a true mystic upon her birth. It was in her early years that a major incident led to her discovery of the otherworldly. Spirit visitations, visions, started taking place as she turned 27.

Till today, Master communicates with the otherworld and the higher realms as if it is home. Speaking of home, a few years later in life, ALALA paid a visit. ALALA, a planet far away in a distant galaxy, found its native here on earth. A way between the two was forged to communicate, a compass-like mark appeared on her palm whenever it was her time to connect and receive the spiritual downloads.

Today, Master proudly takes forth her movement to share simple spirituality. She is not only an emissary of the Spiritual school of thought, she is a spiritualist, a listener, a friend, giving guidance and thoughtful understanding. She stands in the middle of two worlds serving the higher realms and us, because a true master desires nothing from you, except your well being on the path that you choose.


Your mobile phone is one of the tools that is there in your hand through out the day. Having a wallpaper on your phone is a reminder to your subconscious mind to manifest what you desire. It is the simplest way and one of the most effective ones to bring your manifestation come to you faster.

"MVK  advised me to wear a Turquoise because she could see something I could not. One cold evening browsing through reels I saw MVK telling the world she has energized Turquoise to change your life. That was my sealing point. I quickly booked one within no time it was delivered to me. I wore the ring! I was flooded with work, my relationships started to improve, I started being recognised for what I did.

– Zeenia

"I am sograteful to Master Vani for guiding me through the transformational phase of my life, and facilitating my work with healing crystals. I got the Wu Lou forevery room in my house. It has brought a lot of positivity."

– Shefali

"If you are looking for fame and success with genuine guidance, Soul Studio By Vani Kabir should be your go to."

– Vandana

"Got their Amethyst crystal tree. Keep the intention clear and see the magic work."

– Lavanya

"I ordered the Kunzite and other multiple crystals. Items arrived within 48 hours of ordering, bubble wrap envelope plus individually wrapped providing extra protection. Items as described, very pleased with quality. I found website easy to navigate with helpful information and articles."

– Apeksha

"Wow!! thank you for the personalized message by MVK, really made me feel good for purchasing from you guys."

– Pramila

"This was such a cool and unique experience how you respond to your customers I buy and support as I can, especially when I see quality. The Luck & Healing crystal bracelet i got  is amazing."

– Ankur

“Absolutely unparalleled products and service. I'm confident that this store will be the next big thing in its industry, and that its products will be timeless.”

– Steve Jordans

"I am a fan of crystals for my home, office and healing practice and have shopped around many places but I have never found this high vibration and quality at any other place. They have the best quality items. The Angel Aura Quartz bracelet is one of your must have bracelet."

– Deepa

"This is a great place to buy crystals. Great customer service, good selection of crystals. I got Stress Releaser Thulite bracelet."

– Samir

"Soul Studio offers a great collection of crystals and stones in all types of shapes and structures for specific personal enhancement. Their Promotion Blockage Removal crystal bracelet has been helping me a lot."

– Shitali

"Soul Studio has an amazing collection of crystals from all over the world, very rare finds, as well as easily readable healing properties."

– Akanksha

"I experienced great customer service and the issue was resolved in a timelymanner. Got the Wealth & Abundance mixel from your website, lovely product."

– Rachana

"I was once a disbeliever myself. I bought the Master Attractor Mixel. I saw the crystals changing my life upside down. Thank you Soul Studio."

– Pulkit

"Your crystals work like charm madam. I bought the Clear Quartz along with many other crystals. Thank you madam for adding all the positivity & happiness again to my life."

– Alekhya

"One cannot deny the fact that your crystals are magical. You can feel the energy once you start using them. Start using their crystals with a pure intention and I promise you will feel your life taking apositive turn."

– Megha

"Honestly, it's amazing! It arrived so much quicker than I thought and the crystals themselves were stunning.  10/10 would 100% buy from again."

– Kalki

"I've hadsome bad luck with crystals in the past, but not this time. All crystals are so beautiful and they were well packaged, I could see that someone went above & beyond to make everything nice."

– Prerna

"Reliable, trustworthy, excellent, stellar selection of crystals"

– Revathy

"All the bracelets have worked micracoulsly."

– Binjal

"The crystals have been working amazing. Manifestations do come true. I ordered the Money Manifestation mixel from them.

– Padmini

"The Ruby has worked so amazingly for me. I was facing Relationship blockages for a longtime.Thank you for the genuine products."

– Jasmine

"All the Feng Shui products available on your website are just so pretty. Finally I got aplace from where I can get genuine Feng Shui products."

– Ansh

“Absolutely unparalleled products and service. I'm confident that this store will be the next big thing in its industry, and that its products will be timeless.”

– Samar

Site was easy to use and they have lots of awesome products. I ordered quite a few things. However, on receiving one of my items was damaged. Shop sent out a replacement straight
away. I was very impressed!

– Shobhna Patil

I have been collecting beautiful crystals from for a while now and they never
disappoint! All are fantastic quality and very beautiful and I love the fact that you get a card
explaining their benefits.

– Vandana

Found this site during a Google search. The website is easy to use. My purchase was at a really
good price & came within 1 week. The cards sent along explaining the crystals I purchased
were a welcome addition to my order.. Hope to order more in the future.

– Nisha Prasad

I am in love with the blessings by master Vani in the form of bracelets I have received.You are doing a wonderful job we are in love with all the healing and guidance we receive from master Vani through Instagram.

– Debolina Ghosh

Amalvee ,
I am writing this with heartfelt gratitude today that I have settled abroad within 3 months of
wearing the settle abroad mixel with no prior plans of moving !
It has been a wonderful journey so far with all soul studio crystals -

– Apeksha Dey

The delivery process is so smooth outside India as well. Great customer experience and active

– Anuradha Mohan

Soul Studio is the perfect platform to buy any gemstone or Crystal bracelets. The best certified
crystals you can get.

– Madhuri Chauhan

I’ve been a customer of Soul Studio for a while now. The only reason is their professionalism
and commitment to serve. I’ve always purchased crystals from Soul Studio and want to go back

– Chavi Jain