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A letter to the Soul Stars,


I thank you for being here. Truly grateful!

In this world which talks about spirituality and healing in multiple ways and languages, making is almost incomprehensible for you.

My initiative is to make spirituality simple for everyone. Me & team of awakened souls are missioned to create a life full of healing for you.

Every product you see here, is infused with love, laughter, nurturing, care, attention and light from the divine.


Every product is cleansed, energised and programmed to its optimum vibration and that’s why we are different from the rest.


We make every effort to curate ethically sourced, pure energy and wonderful vibrational crystals, sage cleansing sticks and handmade crystal candles, that can support you in your crystal healing journey or of course can be given as thoughtful gifts. We take great pride in this!


The crystal and mineral industry is currently unregulated and we work tirelessly and continuously with our trusted suppliers and miners to ensure that health & safety measures are in place, that there is no child labour, that all workers are paid a fair wage and that no irreparable damage is made to the natural environment. We look forward to visiting mines once we are able to travel again. We are tirelessly working to achieve this with our connected channels.


And you my dear Soul Star become a part of this journey when you buy something from us. I promise you will feel the energy when you hold our products in your hand. We have made sure that every product works towards its benefits and make your life more peaceful, easier, away from resistance and full of love. Each product comes with self explanatory cards which will help you in your connection with your crystal.


Its like me giving away my babies to you, take extra care. Please.


You can write to me, if you face any concern.


As always, I love you!

Master Dr. Vani Kabir