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Laguz-For Spiritual Powers (Rune Manifestation Card)

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In ancient times, this LAGUZ symbol was used to unlock & activate the hidden spiritual powers like claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, Clairgustance and Clairempathy in humans. Laguz signifies heightened intuition and inner knowing. It emphasises trusting your gut feelings and spiritual insights.

Why do you need this card?

  • This card is supported by light codes
  •  Light codes help to activate the energy in the card
  •  To activate hidden spiritual powers
  •  Access the subconscious mind fully
  •  To learn to trust your instincts
  •  To sharpen your intuition

How to use

Write your manifestation on the card with any colour pen
Keep it anywhere around where it is easily visible, in your bag, wallet, bedside, temple, etc.
Read it once in a day to attract the manifestation.


Width: 5 inches
Height: 4 inches

What you will receive:-

1 printed card with a special runic symbol for your manifestation.



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