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Dragon Ingot- Wealth Luck For 2024

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Dragon Ingot- Wealth Luck For 2024

Gold ingots were the ancient currency in China, that was exchanged between influential people, such as government officials and emperors. Today,Gold ingots have become the Feng Shui symbolism for Wealth and Abundance. They are designed in a special manner to best release wealth, luck and good chi.

  •  The prosperity of Business: Gold ingots are essential for those involved in the business; when positioned accurately, they will serve to bring in abundance and affluence, as well as safeguard your current fortunes.
  •  Sacred Symbolism and Divine Energy: Gold Ingot are molded with the auspicious symbols of the Dragon. The Dragon is the emblem of yang, male strength, and potent fertility.
  •  The bigger ingot, the more energy it is said to attract.
  •  Placing it in home and the office space is said to be lucky as it attracts wealth and money.

How to use

Placing it in home and the office space is said to be lucky as it attracts wealth and money.


Weight - 100-200 GMS (Approx)
Material - Glass


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